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Diversity at McKinsey Brazil

Diversity and inclusion represent our values and are a fundamental aspect of success at McKinsey Brazil.

Our global networks are thoroughly reflected in our Brazil office, which provides a supportive, welcoming environment where mentorship and community create an unparalleled sense of belonging and growth.

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Why diversity matters

– New research makes it increasingly clear that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially.

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Women at McKinsey

We want to be the best place for women to work. McKinsey is committed to attracting the most talented women in the world and enabling them to shape and develop their career paths. Our formal training programs and events offer opportunities to connect and be mentored by a wide network of successful women around the world. At McKinsey, you can design your own flexible work arrangements to build a career while pursuing your passions and personal life.

What does it mean to be a woman at McKinsey? Brazilian colleagues in various roles and tenures share their experiences and impressions of life at the firm and how McKinsey supports them in finding the balance they need.

Latest insights on women in the workplace

We have extensive knowledge about the role women play in the global workplace, their experiences and impact in senior-executive roles, and the performance benefits that companies gain from gender diversity.

McKinsey Black Network

The global McKinsey Black Network was founded 25 years ago by our first black consultants, and is today an integral part of our Brazil office. Through the McKinsey Black Network, we are increasingly attracting and promoting talent, ensuring our colleagues are provided opportunities for creating a network that is inclusive and diverse. McKinsey wants to become the employer of choice that actively attracts, supports, respects, develops and retains black professionals, by creating a work environment unique to all people within the firm.


In 1995, a group of colleagues created GLAM, our LGBTQ network, to formally demonstrate our commitment to LGBTQ equality and inclusion. Since then, GLAM has grown globally, including straight colleagues—GLAM Allies—and it is a source of support and mentorship as well as a resource on benefits and workplace issues. GLAM also works with community and human-rights organizations.

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