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A day in the life at McKinsey is full of inspiring people—colleagues, clients, and alumni

As you help solve problems and develop solutions to critical business challenges, you will engage in enriching conversations with knowledge professionals and industry experts. With each interaction, you benefit from a mutual exchange of shared learning with others.

Office culture

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Our colleagues enjoying McKPlay, our game room in the office

Our teams include professional musicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, and surgeons. Our singular culture grows stronger when it’s strengthened by different backgrounds, cultures, and styles. Our consultants speak more than 130 languages and carry passports from more than 120 countries, but integrity and values are our common language. That’s why the relationships and network you build will remain a vibrant and meaningful part of your personal and professional growth.

Development opportunities

From day one at McKinsey, you will have immediate client exposure and work on critical strategic projects. Most of your learning will happen through hands-on project teamwork as you tackle diverse and complex issues. Coaching and mentorship are core McKinsey values, and you will regularly receive constructive feedback. McKinsey also offers formal learning programs carefully planned for each stage of your career, aimed to further your development within the firm. We operate as one global firm. If you would like to work in other countries and develop a network of clients and colleagues around the world, we can help you make it happen.

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